Air and water quality have improved around the world following lockdown, but have you thought about improving yourself? There are many skills that can be learned in a short period of time. Okay, many are of dubious practicality in the real world (and we make no apologies for including some of those here), but do what we’re doing, and make the most of this enforced lay-off as an opportunity to grow!

Here’s our top ten ways to self-improvement (a.k.a. the things you’ve always wanted to do but never had time)…

1. Learn to cook: home delivery is convenient but, given the length of this lockdown, it could work out to be expensive and even nutritionally questionable. Ask yourself, how many times can you eat that tempura sushi in a month? These long days and nights provide ample time to learn how to properly boil pasta, and how to prepare vegetables and a sauce so that when you put them together it actually looks like something you’d want to it. Try it. Use those cookery books you bought to decorate your kitchen. They have real recipes in them too.

2. Learn to dance: during lockdown? how is that even possible, and much fun could it possibly be? Well. Given that you can’t leave home, learning to dance right now is the ultimate in distance learning. LAPA (the LOYAC Academy of Performing Arts) is running online dance classes right now – call 90001231 to book.

3. CPR: you know it makes sense. We’ve always secretly admired those who learned to give CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) at a young age, but felt this was just another ship that had passed us by. Times like this make us realise it would be great to know what to do if someone wasn’t breathing or their heart stopped. Perhaps we all have a greater feeling of mortality these days?

4. Hone your computer skills: are you the same as us and have the feeling that you’re only using 10% of our computer’s capabilities? Don’t know your macros from your equations? Your clipping masks from your vectors? There’s a class for people like us on YouTube.

5. Card shuffling: envious of how professional card dealers can make shuffling seem like an art? You can learn how to properly shuffle and deal a card deck in just a few sessions – once those are mastered, learning more elaborate card spreads can follow. Henceforth… you’re the life and soul of the party (but probably not the sort of party we’d want to go to).

6. Learn to play an instrument: those lovely people at LAPA have got this cracked too.

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Because we truly care, LAPA and @adawliah have partnered together to bring music to your home. If you don't own an instrument, that's fine. Adawliah would deliver it to your door, while LAPA's instructors would deliver interactive and innovative music lessons through Skype around the clock. Now you're all set from home! Waiting for your calls 📞📲 Wishing you health and safety at all times. 🙏🏻🎵 لأننا نهتم، أبرمنا شراكةً مع شركة الدولية كي نأتي بالموسيقى إلى بيوتكم. حتى وإن لم تمتلكوا الآلة، ستحرص الدولية على توصيلها إليكم، في حين يقدم لكم مدربو لابا المعتمدون دروساً موسيقية مبتكرة على مدار الساعة عبر تطبيق سكايب. الآن أصبحتم جاهزين من منازلكم. بانتظار اتصالاتكم 📞📲 🎵🙏🏻نتمنى لكم دوام الصحة والسلامة #onlinemusiclessons #musicinkuwait #musiclessons #lapamusic #كورونا #قاعد_بالبيت #الكويت #معا_ضد_كورونا

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Call 94009518 to book a lesson.

7. Lock picking: we’re not advocating a life of crime, we’re only saying that there’s actually a subculture of lock picking aficionados who enjoy the challenge of cracking a lock. More importantly, there’s a surplus of padlocks and other security devices that have missing keys or forgotten combinations. It’s a skill that could eventually save you the cost of bolt cutters.

8. Express yourself through fine art: make the best out of your stay home for Kuwait with LAPA’s Fine Arts online classes. Find your inner Picasso. Or Sami Mohammad. Or Shurooq Amin. You decide.

9. Learn a foreign language: okay, you won’t be fluent before the time comes to return to work, but you’ll be surprised by how much you can learn in a few weeks of commitment and enthusiasm. Plus the phrase “Per favore, passa il Kleenex” has equal value in many languages these days.

10. Juggling: ever dreamed of joining a circus? Whether you have or not, juggling is a great and fun skill to learn. And, until you’re extremely adept at it, while you’re doing it, it’s impossible to think of anything else that’s going on around you which – in March 2020 – would be something rather wonderful to master in itself.

Stay home everyone, and stay safe!