This was the philosophy upon which Hublot built up an excellent reputation in just a few decades on the very competitive high-quality timepiece market. The focus is perfectly ingrained in the idea of the art of fusion, which Hublot has applied since 1980 when it designed its first case combining natural rubber and gold with a shape inspired by a ship’s porthole. When Jean-Claude Biver and Ricardo Guadalupe took the helm of the brand in 2004, and they made this art of fusion into a founding spirit that they deployed as they wished, combining traditional watchmaking savoir-faire with the most cutting-edge technologies and unexpected materials. In 2005, the Big Bang collection, a chronograph with an elegant and contemporary design, enjoyed international success. In its 8,000m2 Hublot2 Manufacture in Nyon, Switzerland, Hublot is constantly pushing back the boundaries of horological innovation.


Classic Fusion Racing Grey 

Following on from its Spring/Summer 2015 blue collection, the Classic Fusion quintet now boasts a total “Racing Grey” look. Less harsh than black, more timeless even than blue, this grey – inherently neutral and universal – reinforces the model’s versatile elegance. An androgynous hue with many different facets. From yuppies to gypsetters, tweed to iridescent satin, grey works with every style from the understated to the ultra-sophisticated.

With its beauty enhanced by the “metallic” flecks of the titanium or the vibrant bronze of King Gold, the “Racing Grey” is undoubtedly a piece with timeless elegance. Jeans, charcoal grey cashmere sweater, beige trench coat, navy blazer, white shirt or little black dress: only the Classic Fusion “Racing Grey” is missing from your wardrobe basics. Easy to wear, it suits any style and is as masculine as it is feminine.

The case is available in a choice of 4 dimensions and with three movements, to suit any wrist:

• 33, 38 and 42 mm – with 3 hands and date at 3 o’clock. The 38 and 42 mm models are driven by a HUB1110 self-winding mechanical movement with a 42-hour power reserve.

• The 33 mm case boasts a HUB2912 quartz movement.

• The 45 mm version, with 3 hands and date, or chronograph with the date at 6 o’clock, house the HUB1112 and HUB1143 automatic movements respectively.



Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph

As Official Timekeeper for the EURO, the World Cup, the Champions League and the Europa League, Hublot stands on the touchline of the most prestigious competitions and championships. This was all the Swiss watchmaker needed to design a watch dedicated to the most popular sport in the world: the Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph.

UEFA EURO 2016™ — Official Watch

On the occasion of its 3rd EURO participation, Hublot introduces the Official Watch of UEFA EURO 2016™ which will take place in France from 10 June to 10 July 2016. Designed with the football world in mind, the Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph wears the colours of France, the organising country of the 15th edition of the EURO. 100 watches, all in red, white and blue, will be issued. Its 45mm case in black ceramic is fitted with a “One click” interchangeable strap system in blue alligator sewn onto rubber and overstitched with white and red seams.


Celebrating its recent partnership and its status as “Official Accredited Watch” for the Champions League, Hublot unveils a second limited edition of 100 pieces featuring its mythic Unico retrograde chronograph movement. Dressed in the Champions League’s midnight blue, its 45mm case in black ceramic sports a strap in blue alligator sewn onto rubber and overstitched with a white seam.



Big Bang Broderie

Hublot is ever at the forefront of research into the latest hi-tech materials and guardian of traditional expertise. With Hublot, there are no limits to innovation. It is the company’s reason for being. The Big Bang is the unrivalled icon of fusion; the brand was born to break established codes and over time has demonstrated its ability to create exclusivity.

Hublot has freed embroidered silk organza from the fixed notions and the traditional ideas that had held it for so long. The Swiss manufacturer has taken the craft away from haute couture, fashion and lingerie and used it to adorn its Big Bang. In 2015, for the first time in the history of watchmaking, “encased” in carbon fibre, the embroidered web-like material acts as a shell to form the dial and the carbon bezel of the watch. The execution of this technical prowess required several years of research and development. This first Big Bang Broderie is a symbol of confident femininity and glamour, blending two forms of Swiss expertise, which won the prestigious Ladies’ Watch Prize at the 2015 Geneva Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie.

Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull 41MM and the Big Bang Broderie 41MM, each of which comes in three runs of 200 pieces

Big Bang 41mm Broderie Sugar Skull

Turquoise, navy blue, pale pink, fuchsia, yellow, orange, violet… lit with Lurex threads, silver or gold, or taking its inspiration from the lines on the catwalks for the 2016 season, the skull motif, with 11 red spinels, and the arabesques on the strap create bold associations of colours. A remarkable exercise in style that is given its value by the power and the simplicity of its (41mm) case adorned in black ceramic with a bezel enhanced by 36 red spinels, the purity of the steel enlivened by 36 pink sapphires or the cat’s eye effect of the red gold highlighted by 36 blue sapphires. Echoing the bezel, the dial is graduated with 12 precious stones, red spinels for the ceramic, pink sapphires for the steel and blue sapphires for the red gold.

Big Bang Broderie, 41mm

This year, ceramic, steel and yellow gold join the Big Bang Broderie’s wardrobe. The web-like material, embroidered in black or silver Lurex affixed on glossy silk, black for the ceramic, silver for the steel, golden for the yellow gold, sensually evocative and subtly erotic, could almost be fine lingerie sumptuously adjusted to the body. The magic comes from prolonging the lace pattern from the dial to the bezel.



MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire

The original design of the MP-05 “LaFerrari” was created to show off the beauty of its movement, but its alter ego – with its case carved out of sapphire – is a movement which appears to be literally suspended in mid-air. All the details of this record-breaking movement can be admired from all angles. With the MP-05 “LaFerrari” Sapphire, Hublot takes us into a supernatural world. A material presence which is almost intangible.

With the MP-05 “LaFerrari” Sapphire, Hublot is writing a new chapter in the history of the brand. The three-dimensional construction of the case middle, in sapphire, provides an exceptional setting for the movement. The movement can now be admired from every angle. It appears to be suspended in mid-air in this bespoke setting carved from sapphire.

Revealing its hypnotic nature, the HUB9005.H1.PN.1 movement features 637 components and a suspended vertical tourbillon. The bridge of the movement even bears the word “Hublot”, which the engineers carved into this transparent material, the hardest after diamond.

A timepiece which plays with the visible and the invisible. Eye-catching. Surprising. Thought-provoking. Its apparent invisibility is so fascinating that it makes it a highly visible and desirable object.

Hublot is under Morad Yousuf Behbehani Group




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