To begin with, Aram and Carlo Asdourian come from a family that has a profound bond with art. They both pride themselves with their Armenian roots, embracing the belief that Armenia was the heart of art and the mother of artists, it is beautiful to hear them speak with utmost pleasure about their rich artistic heritage and their eagerness to keep it celebrated and eminent. The gallery is a reflection of the Asdourian brothers’ pride of their heritage and culture and true appreciation towards fine arts.




Armenian Art combines a unique collection of artistic antiques handcrafted by Armenian masters with a highly cultivated professional touch that appeals to elite and fine tastes. “We take great pride in our collection of jewellery, paintings and antiques which reflect Armenian Art around the globe. We design”, said Aram Asdourian.






Armenian Art keeps hold of the old goldsmith tools such as measurement, balance, inflation and smoothing devices, regarded as masterpieces and traced back to the last century. The Armenian artists have excelled in the craftsmanship of jewellery which synergizes yellow, white and rose gold in pieces engraving stunning emeralds, rubies, sapphires and pearls.






The boutique houses 5 segments: Asdourian jewellery, Gembags silver, Obsidian statues, Awi International Watches, Tellus Watches and Arame Art Gallery Paintings. The silver pieces are rare and can be traced back to the 20th Century and are signed by well-known Armenian craftsmen and garnished with precious and semi-precious stones, while the timepieces are made by Armenian technology and renowened watch makers from around the globe. “My brother and I design the jewellery and choose very rare stones for our designs, our pieces are never repeated”, said Aram Asdourian.

Moving on to the paintings and sculptures, Aram says that they are adorned with the signature of famous Armenian artists and sculptors such as Eydo who lived all his life in Armenia, and all gained worldwide fame.