Dr. Mohammed AbdulRazzak is one of the leading plastic surgeons at Royale Hayat Hospital. He earned his master’s degree in Aesthetic Surgery from London University, followed by a membership at the Royale College of London. Dr. Mohammed is a graduate of the University of Alexandria – Plastic Surgery. He specializes in non-surgical procedures such as Botox, fillers, lasers, PRP, non-surgical skin tightening, non-surgical nose and face reshaping, and many more procedures that Dr. Mohammed shares with us in depth.

What exactly is the “HIFU” treatment, and what is it used for?

It is a new modality for lifting the face, it’s the only one that works on the muscular mass of the face which gives good lifting results. This year, we have multiple hand pieces that can be used for treating different depths and areas such as neck, forehead etc. It can be used for the face as well as body.

We’ve heard about fillers, but nowadays there has been talk about skin booster. What are they, and what do you use them for?

Skin boosters are not fillers; they are just something that will improve the skin quality. It contains hyaluronic acid which is injected as a dermal filler. It does not change the shape of the face or give volume it just hydrates and improves the quality of the skin. One injection every three months is usually the treatment given which has longer lasting results than Mesotherapy.

The surgical thread is the latest trend in the world of plastic surgery, is it true that it replaces the original face lift?

It is certainly a topic that is spreading, but as they mentioned in conferences it is not a magic tool, but it still is a tool we can use. It is a way of lifting the skin, which you can do with Botox and fillers. It has a drawback which is that it is kind of a semi-invasive surgery that is done in the clinic which causes swelling for a week. It takes from one month to three months for the actual results to show and they last for a year. The most important thing in the procedure is the patient’s expectations. It is important to know that it is not a facelift.

The word “Texas” has a new meaning. What do plastics surgeons mean when they say the Texas Lift?

The Texas lift is a combination of fillers and Botox in the lower part of the face. The most important part is not to masculine the female’s features. A wide chin with a heavy jawline might give a masculine feature. We have to achieve the look in a subtle way, to have a narrow chin and a defined jawline but not obtuse. 

Dr. Mohammed AbdulRazzak

Master degree in Aesthetic surgery – London University // Membership of Royale College of London // Graduate of university of Alexandria – Plastic Surgery 

Expertise Cosmetic Surgical Procedures specializes in Non Surgical Procedures to include but not limited to: Botox; Fillers; Lasers, fraxel and thermage; PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma, stem cell); Mesotherapy; Non Surgical Skin tightening; Non Surgical Nose reshaping; Non Surgical Cheek and face reshaping; Hand Rejuvenation (include filling and skin rejuvenation); Surgical thread for face lifting.