2020 is a special year for Aigner as the brand is celebrating its 55 years jubilee. The original designs but also contemporary details play a major role. In the course of the years not only the designs but also the shapes have shown great variety. Past collections played with numerous colours and featured a crazy mix of patterns and materials; this season’s designs are slightly more understated and therefore communicate unfussiness and elegance, although without loss of freshness and modernity – Aigner like it pure!

Although the Mina Bag S (top) shines in a metallic shade, the model is made of grain leather – a material of the highest quality which Aigner has remained loyal to for decades. Available in a practical horizontal format as well as in a cheeky vertical format, the Mina Bag series lights up every day.

The Diane Bag S (below) reflects pure elegance. Its classic round shape is highlighted by a golden handle and serves as a perfect evening bag for every lady.


The Carol Bag M convinces due to its iconic but timeless horseshoe logo design and can be worn casually for everyday or elegantly for a special occasion by having the essentials in one bag.