Who could better embody Longines’ motto “Elegance is an attitude” than Aishwarya Rai Bachchan? The Indian beauty has been the face of the Swiss brand since 1999. In Kuwait for the opening of the new Longines boutique at The Arcades – The Avenues (Phase IV), we caught up with the star for an exclusive interview.

Tell us about your relationship with Longines. You’ll mark 20 years with the brand this year. What are some memorable moments with Longines? I remember the first Longines press conference, where I sat beside Walter von Känel (Longines CEO since 1988); he commented to me that this would be the beginning of a long association. It was right at the beginning of my career, and he couldn’t have been more wonderful and supportive. At that time, to me, a long association meant three years, perhaps five, but who would have thought 20 years later we’d be sitting here? It’s been a wonderful journey though. I feel like a part of the Longines family. They’ve been there for me through so many personal and professional milestones of my life. Here was a company that said: ‘Elegance is an attitude’, and I thought to myself: “That’s my voice”. It’s a natural synergy. 

There have been plentiful memorable moments with them. Celebrating 185 years of the brand, the numerous sporting events we’ve been present at – especially the Commonwealth Games. Even more so, at the beginning of our association, Longines was the timekeeping sponsor of the Olympic Games. I had the pleasure of carrying the torch when it passed through India. They had a beautiful Olympic tribute watch at the time too. The proud work supporting various charities as well. Countless happy memories. Such a great variety.

A favorite timepiece? Well. Are you asking Aishwarya the girl, or Aishwarya the brand ambassador? I am spoiled for choice, and I have had so many of the brands’ wonderful watches. What I like about them all is that they are so elegant – they don’t scream for attention. It’s an easy match to my personality and my multifaceted life. 

The model closest to my heart will always be the ‘Dolce Vita’ because it was the first design that I had the opportunity to endorse. It was also the feature of Longines’ first TV commercial with me and Kate Winslet and that experience too was unique.

What’s your relationship with ‘time’ itself? Do you work for it? Or how do you make time work for you? Time is probably the most precious thing we have. We must value it and respect it. But if time is flying, it’s a sign of the countless ‘good things’ and ‘cherishable moments’ happening all around you; you’re right in the moment. Enjoy it! Be part of it.

LONGINES – Partnering with the Morad Yousuf Behbehani Group in Kuwait