Four Films Printing Group has added Xerox’s iGen 5 Press to its fleet of printing presses catering to Kuwaiti customers. The investment in the new press is a result of its successful experience with the preceding model– Xerox iGen 4. Four Films will now be able to offer customers in Kuwait a complete web-to-print solution while simultaneously expanding their market presence regionally.

Newly purchased Xerox digital production printing press will allow Four Films Printing Group to achieve significant growth and enter international markets

“The iGen 5 gives Four Films a competitive advantage in Kuwaiti market and allows them to expand their customer base, thanks to increased capabilities enabling a wider variety of jobs. Our customers recognize the productivity and potential return on investment that iGen 5 presents. The more time you can spend printing without setup, manual calibration, and rework interruptions, the more profitable you become,” says Ayman Mattar, general manager at Alamana Industries that represents Xerox in Kuwait.

“Our digital printing journey started with Xerox equipment from the time we adopted Xerox DocuColor 2060 in year 2002, followed by the iGen 4 and now iGen 5 presses. We were the first to introduce digital printing in the Kuwait market and it wouldn’t have been possible without innovative solutions developed by Xerox. We are very excited about transitioning our clients from traditional printing to the fast turnaround job with high-quality outputs that the new press offers,” comments David Moujaes, managing director and partner at Four Films Printing Group.

The Xerox® iGen® 5 Press unites all the elements of the iGen® family in a single, configurable platform so printers can choose the exact configuration they need to succeed. Press speed, number of colors, feeding, and finishing — all are integrated into an end-to-end solution as unique as the challenges and opportunities they and their customers face every day. In addition to the state-of-art digital printing capabilities, Four Films will enjoy business development consultancy provided by Xerox that will allow them to reach their highest business potential.

“New options with increased color gamut and printing on heavyweight media will strengthen our positioning and competitiveness within the packaging business. The new press will also unlock new production capabilities by adding a fifth color option and printing in orange, green, blue, white and clear. Our clients are looking to stand out with accurate branding colors, varied finished sizes, and specialty embellishment options,” added Mr. Moujaes.

The opportunity for digital print gets significantly more compelling when embellishment is added to the picture. Incorporating a fifth print station into Xerox® iGen® 5 Press enables Xerox’s customers to hit more PANTONE® colors or apply a variety of special effects — all in-line — so they can meet growing demands.

The Xerox® iGen® 5 is the most productive digital press on the market, thanks to unprecedented levels of automation and intelligence built into the press from end-to-end. This automation radically reduces setup, improves image quality, reduces labor costs, and drives more profitable turnaround times. The impact is immediate and dramatic both in a print shop and on the business’ bottom line.