Ali Al Tammar – a man who has successfully combined his passion for travel and style with doing an honest day’s work. Here he talks about his life, his style, and comes clean about his favourite skincare product. 

Let’s meet Ali Al Tammar. Born in Kuwait 1978, he candidly admits that, as a child, he fully relished the attention he received as the youngest of five siblings and makes full disclosure by stating “that proclivity for attention may have seeped into adulthood too”.

“All jokes aside, I was blessed with a loving, nurturing family. My father valued a strong work-ethic and education above all else. While my mother, the rock of our family, grounded me with her strong values, and elevated me with her style and grace. Physically… I take more after my father.  Spiritually… I’m all my mother.

“I have been fortunate to be able to call different cities home for a while, and each location has had a profound and lasting affect on my style. My very first college experience was at the American University of Paris for a summer course. And yes, I wore a beret. I later enrolled as a full-time student in Los Angeles, California where I mostly picked up  some bad style habits – sorry but it’s true! I was flip-flops and cargo pants as far as the eye could see. 

Ali on style: “Understand that trends come and go but style is timeless”

“I then transferred to New York. A life changing experience. The minute I set foot there I knew I had to step my game up. I was in the right place at the right time… I eagerly soaked it all in.  

“Professionally, I’ve worn many different hats over the years. I got my start in finance as a Financial Attache for the Kuwait Government in London, but most recently I have made a seismic shift to PR for the Kuwait Oil Company, more specifically, with KOC’s Ahmed Al Jabir Oil and Gas Exhibition. 

“Sartorially speaking I went from Gieves and Hawkes suits to dishdasha’s for work purposes!

“My favorite travel destination is Barcelona – who can resist beautifully constructed architecture by the beach?

“Musically? All sorts – but my go to will always be deep house”.

Ali’s style: “Constantly evolving, practical without being boring, accessibly experimental, and detail oriented”

What are you wearing tonight?

Head to toe All Saints.

How would you describe your personal style?

Constantly evolving, practical without being boring, accessibly experimental, and detail oriented.

How many suits do you have?


Your thoughts on national dress? When and where?

A close friend of mine, a girl, once described our national dress as “instant live Photoshop for men”. I couldn’t agree more, but I will add only when it is done right and with care. It takes a practiced hand to achieve that noteworthy look. It is especially exciting today that some bespoke tailors are coming up and adding some small innovations that are thoughtful but don’t go overboard. Dagla in Kuwait is a fine establishment that is a prime example of how to innovate the national dress without distorting it.

What hair products do you use?

None… my head has been a perfectly shaved dome for years. However, I am addicted to the charcoal facial mask by Le Labo.

Who is the most fashionable guy you know?

Unfair question… but if I had to pick one person whose style I like to emulate it would be Nathan McCallum, a lifestyle insta-blogger from Australia. 

Can you give us the top five qualities of a stylish man…

1. Knowing their body/proportions – the right fit is everything

2. The ability to color-coordinate – and knowing how/when not to

3. Understanding that trends come and go but style is timeless

4. Versatility and appropriateness

5. A willingness to experiment