Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend; whoever assumed they should be considered only for jewelry then they have not marveled over the most recent exotic handbags. Be it a Lady Dior or Hermes Kelly Cut Clutch, diamond encrusted metal on handbags is becoming a thing and people are asking for more. Says who? Says Christie’s Auction House.

A matte white Himalaya crocodile diamond Birkin (size 30) was recently sold at an auction in Hong Kong for a price just around $380,000! This makes it the most expensive bag ever to be sold at any auction in the world. The 18 karat white gold hardware encrusted with diamonds was and is a piece to talk about. The waiting list for this exclusive and desirable bag is well over a few years, and every year the weight of the gold and the diamonds is increased. People get what they ask for in this industry!

Forget about a new diamond necklace, where’s your diamond clasped clutch?