Thwarted by the current corona-crisis, Art Dubai has created a fully digital platform for this year’s edition of their annual and eagerly awaited art-focused jamboree.

Their 2020 Online Catalogue showcases more than 500 artworks by participating galleries across all fair sections, with some presenting works specifically from their 2020 booth presentations, while others presenting works from their extended artist rosters.

Through the Art Dubai 2020 Online Catalogue you can browse works, filter selections through a range of criteria, as well as place purchase enquiries directly with the galleries.

Of particular note is Art Dubai’s ‘Performance’ section. Marina Fokidis, Curator of the Art Dubai Performances Programme, says “A year ago, we began working on the Performance Programme for Art Dubai 2020 and we had no idea – of course – what was coming our way. We came up with a programme that would look into healing as an act of togetherness and art; healing as a gesture of poetically restoring experiences, processes and memories which are part of our human existence, besides borders, power asymmetries and any other “temporal” conventions. Who could imagine that just before the opening we would be confronted with an unprecedented “temporal convention” such as the one we are living through now?”

Through a series of videos, Marina’s “On(line) Healing” takes on a new dimension with works of different artists.

Watch Art Dubai’s ‘Performance’ here.