Aya The Art of Living exclusively revealed ‘Y Collection’ during Saudi Design Week

Ayah Al Bitar, founder of AYA The Art of Living, unveiled her latest collection, the Y Collection, at this year’s Saudi Design Week. From the 4th – 8th of October, AYA The Art of Living presented a range of products from the ‘Y Collection’ as well as a number of signature designs from the brand. Here’s our special round-up of her newly launched, and highly desirable, pieces.

As an emerging designer with a rapidly expanding business, Ayah Al Bitar went through a rebranding journey to discover the font and logo that she now loves. Her desire after rebranding the design house was to create a collection based on the central ‘Y’. The ‘Y’ itself is the center of the logo and the brand; aesthetically the letter’s shape is organic and versatile giving the ability for Ayah to design numerous products. The collection started with the Y-Table – a contemporary take on a traditional C-Table. The letter had so much potential; Ayah went on to produce five other designs.

The collection currently comprises six products, all of which include or derive from the shape ‘Y’. Bordeaux, mustard, salmon and emerald are the four colours for this season with the aesthetics replicating art deco styles and themes. Ayah’s continues her development of material exploration with a number of unique details on varying designs. Not only is this line inclusive of further colour, art deco gestures and simple aesthetics, the line is also made at a much more accessible price point whilst retaining the high quality of all AYA The Art of Living designs.

The Y Collection

Y-Table: The Y Table was the first design in the collection, inspired by the traditional C-Table concept. Ayah’s take on the renowned C-Table design has more space and functionality, as well as utilizing sleek modern styling

Half Y-Table: After having created the Y-Table, Ayah saw the gap in the market for tables suitable for floor seating, especially for the local Arab market. Perfectly aligned to be utilized with her Wisada, this table is a Y Table that is essentially ‘cut in half’ to sit closer to the ground with the same spacing solution.

Pebble Tray: The pebble tray is designed inspired by the tabletops of each Y table, this shape is the negative space of two wisadas, Ayah’s classic design. The trays are sleek, lightweight and modern in design

Y-Coat Hanger: This distinctive design was created with the idea that no matter what culture, background or country many people need to hang garments or items around the home. The concept was to create a hanger that is incredibly slim but with strong stability at the base, through in-depth material experimentation the weighted base is created out of lightweight concrete. The slim neck of the hanger also includes a small tray for additional items such as keys, phones, wallets etc.

Trash Bins: Filling another gap in the market, Ayah created a range of trash bins to ensure consumers in the region have a choice of beautifully designed trash bins. Again in four colours, this design is small, compact and combines various materials.

Small TV Unit: This small mobile piece of furniture is one of the standout pieces from the range. Merging all colours in one design, the TV unit has a smart mobility solution; the legs of the design utilize a special internal structure to give support with a slim aesthetic.

The final collection is an elegant, simple and functional range of key pieces to have around the home. With the price point lower than normal AYA The Art of Living designs, this collection is ideal for gifting that fit within modern or classic interiors.