We’ve a healthy level of scepticism when it comes to today’s fads for detoxes, purging, irrigations and the like. While there’s a lot to be said for each of these, you’ve got to be certain you’re in the right hands – literally. The SHA Wellness Clinic was opened nine years ago by Alfredo Bataller Parietti. Beset by a litany of health problems, he believed that adopting a macrobiotic diet helping him regain his health.

This sparked his interest in and study of the origin of a host of natural therapies. Today, the SHA Method combines the most effective and proven natural therapies with highly therapeutic nutrition, without setting aside the latest advancements in Western medicine, especially with regard to preventive, genetic and anti-ageing medicine.

SHA develops a personalized healthy diet that reflects the wisdom coming from thousands of years of observation of the longest-living country of the hearth. At the same time, SHA adapts in its method the novelty in nutritional investigation to be at the vanguard of the progress.

SHA guidelines to a healthy nutrition include a wide range of tasteful and delicious nourishments from the haute cuisine. SHA method was created and supervised by internationally well-known experts, included the well-known Michio Kushi, father of the modern Macrobiotic, who was named President of the World Organization of Natural Medicine in 1995. SHA offers 13 health programmes, completely personalized to satisfy the needs and health goals of each individual guest.

Before arrival at SHA Wellness Clinic, the guest fills in a detailed questionnaire in order to help us know about their health and visit expectations. During the stay, the medical team and the experts in nutrition and natural therapies prepare a specific plan according to the needs of each individual.

A tailor-made program with the desired objectives to be attained from every guest, such as purifying the organism, attaining one´s ideal weight, slowing-down the ageing process and prevention of premature ageing, stress control and prevention, anti-tobacco treatments, the treatment of sleep disorders or recuperation of vitality, among others.

On arrival, guests receive a detailed agenda of services and treatments they will enjoy during their stay at SHA. They can also consult their plan or discover and share lots of information and multimedia content about their SHA experience in an exclusive iPad application designed for them.

You see, it’s all about 360 degree wellness. SHA Wellness Clinic has the firm intention of helping society through the care of both mind and body by means of the ideal combination of ancient oriental techniques and the ultimate advances in western medicine. The mission is to produce a positive, nourishing and long-lasting change in the people’s well-being, thus re-establishing a harmonious balance between body, mind and spirit.

SHA´s objective is that our guests, after a pleasant stay, feel more vital, healthful and young, leaving inwardly and outwardly renewed, with a healthier appearance. By that means, a fundamental change in the organism will be produced with an consequent quality of life improvement, slowing down the ageing process and preventing illnesses.

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Don’t only take our word for it

SHA has been recognized as the ‘Best directional clinic 2016’ (Condé Nast Traveller UK, 2016) and ‘Best Spa of Spain’ (Condé Nast Traveler 2015). The Wellness Area is distributed in three floors of modern and minimalist design, in order to meet the expectations and improve the comfort of their guests.