We’ve all been there. Should we? Should we not? Can we pull it off? Will it look good? How long will it take? These have been the first thoughts of every man when considering growing a beard and wondering if we can pull off the look Every man’s beard is different. Beards grow in various ways and diverse styles – so before making the decision to grow a beard, it’s important to understand the basics of beard care, and who better to turn to for advice than Dubai’s The Beard Gear Company

The first thing to note when it comes to beard-care is sebum oil. Sebum oil is the natural oil produced by your skin which naturally moisturizes and nourishes your beard and head hair. A lot of men find that when they grow their beards out, their beards feel itchy & intolerable. It’s simply because their skin is too dry, as the face produces far less sebum oil than the scalp. When your beard grows out in length the body can’t produce enough oil naturally to keep the skin and the beard moisturized. This is what leads to dry, brittle beard hair and flaky skin. So, what are your solutions & the steps to follow…

STEP #1: Keep it Moisturized

The objective is to maintain the moisture in your beard hair by using oils that replicate the sebum oil produced naturally by the skin. Natural oils, free of alcohol, parabens, sulphates and other such chemicals would be ideal. A good beard oil won’t leave your beard looking shiny or oily, rather, it should readily absorbed by both the skin and hair. An all-natural beard oil from The Beard Gear Co. will reintroduce the needed moisture into both.

Beard oil creates the optimal skin conditions for your beard to grow out healthier and thicker. Applying beard oil should be part of your routine. Apply beard oil daily underneath your beard and massage it into your skin then leave it in. It is best to do this after a shower when your beard is damp and your pores are open.

STEP #2: Keep it Shapely.

Some beards are bigger than others. For a longer beard a beard oil may not suffice as not only will moisture be required but also an element of hold. This is where beard balm comes in. Ideally you’re looking for a balm that contains the same valuable essential oils as a beard oil, so as to provide the necessary hydrating effect, but also a natural wax, so as to let you pull your beard into shape. The Beard Gear Co.’s all natural beard balms have the combination of nutritious oils and beeswax to keep your beard both healthy and shapely.

STEP #3: Be Thorough.

Remember that beard care starts at the skin. In order to ensure that your oil and/or balm is doing it’s most effective work it has to be brushed or combed through the hair, down to the skin beneath. This should absolutely be part of your beard care ritual, as moisturizing the hair without ensuring it gets to the skin would have the product doing only half of its job. Beard Brushes are typically used for short to medium beards while beard combs are naturally for beards longer than 5 cm.

STEP # 4: Be Ruthless.

Some hairs will refuse to stay in place. For these stubborn rebels there’s only one choice. Get a pair of scissors specifically for your beard grooming routine. Ideally, it should be one with a shorter snout. This will let you maneuver through your beard hair adequately; cutting through the hairs that just won’t get in line – & allow you to obtain that perfectly sharp look.

The Dubai-based men’s grooming brand The Beard Gear & Co is specialized in beard care and maintenance, and offers a selective range of organic and cruelty-free products forged from 100% natural ingredients to heal, nourish and strengthen the beard and skin.

Composed from a concoction of natural essences, The Beard Gear Co has created a line of aromatic beard oils, soothing balms, assorted kits, as well as beard grooming tools that cater to the maintenance and enrichment of the beard aficionados.The all-natural & preservative-free brand, aims to not only prim but also nurture men’s beards – the fresh and earthy beard oils and balms help to strengthen and smoothen the strands, to nourish the skin beneath the facial hair, and to have a healthier and softer beard.