The beauty of the veil is part of history itself. “Veils covering the hair and face became a symbolic reference to the purity of the bride thereafter.” Tradition has always been a huge factor when it comes to weddings, and the veil is present in many cultures and ceremonies. 

Whether it’s trendy or classic, same as the dress, the veil should represent you and reflect your personality as a bride. Not the bridezilla phase though!

Nowadays brides are not restricting themselves from the classic veil. You can customize it to go with your dress whether it’s lace, Swarovski, tulle etc. Choose the veil according to your hairstyle and have it fitted before-hand. If you’re adding an accessory to your hair, then go for something subtle to avoid the crowding with the veil. Choosing the length is also important, whether you want a short and flirty veil, or long to go with your ultra-long train is also a decision that you need to make! Also, try to avoid heavy fabrics so you can move flawlessly down the aisle.