The launch of any new Bentley is a special event, but when it’s a new Flying Spur, our Zeina Mokaddam likes to take things personally. 

Passions Arabia - Bentley Flying Spur - 5

Guaranteed to turns head wherever it’s seen, the new Bentley Flying Spur is both a luxury cruiser and a thrilling drive. It is luxury and performance in perfect harmony – a car for both the driver and the driven.

Pushing the boundaries of both craftsmanship and technology, it delivers segment-defining levels of refinement and power.

For drivers, the new Flying Spur offers breath-taking performance

For passengers, it provides the ultimate in luxurious transportation

Exquisite design details, sculpted surfaces and precise feature lines have created a car with an increased presence and assertive nature.

Its thorough-bred W12 engine – shared with the Continental GT – delivers 635 PS of power and 900 Nm of torque. More than enough to take it – and you – effortlessly from A to B and beyond.

The new Flying Spur’s dynamic exterior is further elevated by the beautiful front LED matrix headlamps. Enhanced by a new chrome sleeve behind the cut-glass elements, the lights sparkle like jewels – even when not lit. The rear lamps feature the Bentley ‘B’ graphic and the unique diamond knurling pattern, setting them apart for this model.

The exquisite cabin introduces an automotive world-first: three-dimensional, diamond leather upholstery. The new option, developed by the team of exceptional craftsmen and women based in Crewe, is just one of many new, advanced features and technologies included in the new Flying Spur. Authentic materials and artisan craft create a refined and unique interior, while elements, such as the twin flute seats, result in the utmost comfort for all occupants.

Above all… it’s a Bentley.