This month, Passions Arabia visits Al Hamra Luxury Center and reveals some of this season’s unique and most-wanted looks. 

From sunrise to sunset and beyond, through Ramadan, Eid and the summer to come, we have curated looks to see you shine through the seasons in style. 

All items on the models have been handpicked by our stylists from Al Hamra Luxury Center stores and boutiques, and this is all but a sample of the many looks you can customize yourself from the varied offerings at Al Hamra Luxury Center. 

Your shopping at Al Hamra Luxury Center will guarantee you a peaceful environment that you can round-off with an upscale or casual lunch or dinner with friends. And, for the businessman in a hurry, Al Hamra Luxury Center offers the ideal selection for today’s man about town.

Dress: Yves Saint Laurent; Tux: Yves Saint Laurent; Earrings: Behbehani Luxury Boutique; Bags: Yves Saint Laurent; Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent; Location: 55th Floor – Business Lobby

Dresses: Intropia; Jewelry: Al Arbash; Location: Exhibition Hall

Jacket: Serb Fashion – Hugo Boss; Pants: Serb Fashion – Brax; Watch: Behbehani Luxury Boutique; Shoes: Bally; Location: Exhibition Hall

Suit: Serb Fashion – Hugo Boss; Watch: Behbehani Luxury Boutique; Location: 55th Floor – Business Lobby

Dresses: Intropia; Jewelry: Al Arbash; Location: 55th Floor – Business Lobby

Dresses: Ted Baker; Suit: Ted Baker; Jewelry: Alma Boutique; Watch: Alma Boutique; Bags: Bottega Veneta; Women shoes: Bally; Men shoes: Bottega Veneta; Location: BICE

Watch: Alma Boutique

Watch: Montblanc; Bracelet: Montblanc

Bag: Montblanc; Location: BICE

Womenswear: Adidas Original; Menswear: Adidas Original; Location: Roof Garden

Sunglasses: Keifan Optics

Womenswear: Ted Baker; Menswear: Ted Baker; Jewelry: Alma Boutique; Watch – Women: Behbehani Luxury Boutique; Watch – Men: Alma Boutique; Bags – Women: Bottega Veneta; Bag- Men: Bally; Shoes – Women: Bally; Shoes – Men: Bottega Veneta; Sunglasses: Keifan Optics; Location: Al Hamra Luxury Center Main Entrance

Sunglasses: Keifan Optics