Launched in 2006, Dubai-based Bil Arabi has gone on to become one of the region’s most desirable and most creative of jewelry brands. One doesn’t need to dig deep to discover why – the designer’s hand behind each exquisite piece is that of Nadine Kanso. 

Lebanese Kanso, a native of the Emirate for almost two decades, is a designer of rare talent and one able to turn her hand to aesthetically improving, well, almost anything. Alongside Bil Arabi, she is an acclaimed photographer, a designer of delectable limited-edition lifestyle ‘objets’, and an occasional fashion designer.

The jewelry collection, inside which sit seven stories, celebrates the shape and poetry elemental to Arabic calligraphy through rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and one-off personalised works.

Back at the genesis of the collection, Kanso was determined to create a jewelry line that expressed something other than marital status. Kanso wanted her line to reflect both a personal message as well as a strong cultural one – and the best way to say it? Bil Arabi, of course, her mother tongue and the source for everything she (and many of her clients) want to express.