Anchored in sensuality and pure luxury, Bottega Veneta’s Spring 2020 campaign is a vision of hedonistic aspiration. BV’s Creative Director Daniel Lee, together with photographer Tyrone Lebon, continue their view of an endless summer in a campaign featuring models Mica Argañarazand and Edoardo Sebastianelli.

The eternal signifier of elevation and luxury. Idly floating through time. Sun. Sea. Pleasure.

The faint ‘click’ of a lens shutter in the distance. Paparazzi poised for a glimpse.

Top deck. Carefree sensuality unfolds. Calm. Casual. Confident.

Cold chains warm against sun kissed skin.

Weightless leather staples bend and slouch.

Opulent jewels and sequins glitter under evening fireworks.

Earthy tones and bold pops of colour. Endless blue sky bleeds to coral and violet. A day of indulgence draws to an end, only to be relived the next.