Frédéric Boucheron, visionary designer and jeweler, founded a family dynasty, celebrated for its art of creation. His collections always displayed leading-edge forms, innovative techniques, and gemstones with character. This passion for rare and exceptional stones led him – and his heirs after him – to travel the world and to forge ties with the world’s greatest stone traders in search of the most dazzling sparkles. 

For nearly 160 years, the workshops have maintained this tradition and focus on the emotions inspired by the stones. With innovation always a priority, the craftsmen and women of the first jeweler of Place Vendôme create extraordinary pieces set with characterful stones, unique in their kind. This passion is reflected in each of the High Jewelry collections. 

You have to be born under a lucky star for the chance to hold a colored diamond in your hand one day, as they represent less than 0.1% of the world’s production of rough diamonds; they are the most coveted diamonds in the world. Take the Diamant Polaire ring as an example, this stone, with its unique color and shape, is a real treasure of nature. Deep orange colored diamonds are among the rarest colored diamonds in the world, it is practically impossible to find any above 2 carats!