A true aesthete, Fréderic Boucheron was fascinated by the beauties of nature. He loved the wild and always interpreted it free and triumphant.

One of these wonders of nature, the peacock’s feather, soon became one of the jeweler’s inspirations. He reinvented it constantly to create even more striking pieces. In 2018, new Jewelry and High Jewelry designs join the Plume de Paon collection. Even more organic, Plume de Paon designs sit lightly on the body, sensuously shadowing a woman’s curves to form a perfect match. Boucheron surprises with a pair of ear clips in diamonds and white gold end that rises daringly along the ear. It has just as much femininity as the rings made by the workshops, running over two fingers and merging with the skin. The Plume de Paon pendant sits lightly on the cleavage while the lapis lazuli and topaz necklaces are worn like glamorous regalia.

Passions Arabia Boucheron 02