Sometimes all it takes is one glance at a creation and in an instant one is reminded of the excellence of its creation. Imbued with a unique something, the object becomes a signature. Such works, often precursory in style, shake up the fashion trends of the time and assert their character. 

Launched in 2004, the Maison Boucheron’s iconic Quatre ring is an interpretation of multifaceted and playful beauty, an instantly modern visionary style, a graphic link to elegance whose strength is as puzzling as it is appealing. Constantly reinventing itself, the Quatre ring never ceases to amaze. Decisively edgy. Definitively chic. As are those who choose to wear it. Their common denominator: being women and men of vision and conviction, people who assert their choice. Quatre is the ring of those who don’t play any other game than their own. 

Classique, White, Black or Radiant, the Quatre collection is being constantly enriched with new icons, for both men and women, to be worn separately or together, after all, each of the hand’s five fingers is entitled to its own Quatre ring.