Although it was highly innovative, the first Boucheron Quatre collection created in 2004 was immediately viewed as a classic. A true variation on gold, white, yellow, and pink, the rings come together in a round of precious metals. Enter gold with a brown PVD coating as the counterpoint in this work of gold where the light is already dancing. Each motif plays its part with mastery and completes this bold and original ensemble.

Wearing the Quatre ring is not an insignificant choice. It means we accept our paradoxes and have obviously ruled out the conformity of the vocabulary of our lives. Visionaries, Parisians, cosmopolites, the perennially fashionable… everyone who wears the Quatre ring has something in common: being women and men of vision and conviction, people who assert their choice. Quatre is the ring for those who don’t play any other game than their own.