The Serpent Bohème collection was born fifty years ago and is now one of the icons of the House. A protective animal and a symbol of infinity, the snake is also an emblem for free and independent individuals. Because the Boucheron woman likes to have fun with codes, dictates, and fashions. 

Over time, the pieces of the collection have been transformed to grace those who wear them. In 2017, Serpent Bohème turned to color by adorning itself with new gemstones, and last spring, the collection introduced new variations into its repertoire. 

Combined with yellow gold and diamonds, turquoise is enhanced in the nine powerful creations that make up the new Serpent Bohème collection: two rings, including the two-stone model Toi et Moi with its two turquoises facing each other; two pendants (small and medium motifs); a small-motif bracelet; two models of earrings (small-model stud earrings and pendant earrings with four turquoises); two long necklaces, one with 6 motifs, the other with 16.