A Brioni Bespoke suit is a unique piece of art, an item of sartorial architecture that is truly personal. Quite possibly the best suit in the world, and exclusively for you. What’s not to want about a suit like this?

Brioni Bespoke is the summit of a unique combination of artisanship, engineering and artistry: sartorial tailoring. From start to finish, a Brioni Bespoke suit is modelled and crafted by hand to meet the most exacting requirements of the client.

The material from which a Bespoke suit is built is entirely at the behest of the man who will wear it. Brioni possesses hundreds of exclusive fabrics selected to exemplify its powerful patrimony of elegance.

As well as fabric, the client chooses the facade of his new piece of sartorial architecture. Fundamental decisions such as jacket style, rever shape, vents, buttons and lining carefully reflects his sense of elegance. These will be transmitted into a pattern, drawn on paper, which acts as primary blueprint.

Once its design has been decided, the Brioni Bespoke suit comes to life. The fabric is cut and basted by hand and the jacket is built around a full floating canvas.

Typically, each Bespoke suit will demand over 22 hours of workmanship and the application of 6,000 hand-placed stitches.

As the suit is built, so it is refined. The client and his personal Brioni Master Tailor might meet for up to three further appointments during its construction to ensure that every element and detail is executed to perfection.