Kuwaiti entrepreneur Esraa Al-Shatti has made it her aim to add a touch of culture and art to our homes and offices… at the click of a button. In 2013 she launched CanvArt – the first online store in the GCC specializing in high quality prints on canvas.

Initially, Esraa focussed only on the Kuwaiti market where, for Esraa, she found people who love art and with a passion for personalized and unique designs based on their taste, decoration and interior. Over the years, word spread, and her business has grown dramatically. Today she has clients from across the GCC, as well as in Europe and the United States. 

“We specialize in personalized and customized designs based on the client’s choice, and print works on canvas for a contemporary wall display”, Esraa explains. “We were the first business in Kuwait to offer the ‘mosaic designs’ that became our signature. This is a large picture composed of up to 170 images of the client’s choice. The idea is to give full freedom to our clients to choose whatever they like in terms of designs and taking their full privacy into consideration as well. The custom owns the copyright to their design – we never reproduce it – what they buy remains fully exclusive to them”.

What are your best-selling items?

Our ‘mosaic design’ is our signature and best-selling. This is followed closely by the split design with its very artistic look in the creation of a modern wall. Arabic calligraphy designs are interesting and quite demanding too – these are selected by people who would like to create a family tree for their Diwan, as well as by others interested in Islamic Art. Last, but not least, is our total customization option – while not an individual design, it is always based on the client’s unique taste.

Talk to us about your passion for art – what inspires you?

The word inspiration itself inspires me. It is very hard to explain exactly what inspires me because I sometimes get inspired by nature, by art – in particular Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci and Claude Monet – or even by seeing the success of other people.