Launched 10 years ago by Cartier as a challenge, this question invites you into the greatest of adventures, to experience total love, at full speed. An epic love story; a journey on a road paved with intensity. Cartier entrusted the video’s creation to the French director Cédric Klapisch, famous for his ability to capture the emotions of the time.

He is the fourth filmmaker that Cartier has asked to film love, after Olivier Dahan, Luca Guadagnino and Sean Ellis; providing variety of style, narrative and cinematic universe.

Passions Arabia - Cartier - 2

His camera plunges us passionately into the heart of a couple’s intimacy throughout their timeless road trip. Declarations, arguments and reconciliations, their love is an eternal beating heart, their shared moments captured forever in multiple Cartier creations.

Passions Arabia - Cartier - 1

How far would you go for love 

A metaphor for a romantic journey and the adventure of a lifetime. All emotions are exposed within the intimacy of the car and gradually, as the years go by, the bond stays just as strong and shared emotions remain just as intense.

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