The marine world carries its own special challenges for timepieces. Only a handful are ever truly fit enough to deserve the proud label “diving watch”.

Like its predecessors, the latest version of the popular DS Action Diver Chronograph has fully met all ISO 6425 requirements with flying colours and officially boasts a water resistance up to 300 meters. Its ultra-sporty design asserts its place among the greats in nautical timekeeping, a true descendant of the famous CERTINA DS-3, chosen in 1970 by the Australian Navy.

The dynamic character of the new DS Action Diver Chronograph makes no compromises: it is pure extreme sports – above and below the waterline. The ISO 6425 standard imposes stringent requirements on every timepiece candidate, such as the possibility to pre-set a given span of time, great readability in darkness, excellent accuracy and outstanding shock resistance. This new CERTINA chronograph fulfilled these, and many additional strict requirements.

The new DS Action Diver Chronograph features a case with an imposing 45.7mm diameter to maximize underwater clarity. Its impressive unidirectional rotatable bezel, fastened by six screwed-on protective brackets, is made of blue anodized aluminium and used to set the diving time.  Its large triangular teeth, to ensure optimal handling even with gloves underwater, is one of the design themes fondly remembered from its forefather, the famous DS-3 of the 1970s. At the time, CERTINA was involved in a number of major scientific underwater expeditions, adding to its great reputation for precision and durability.