If Chopard were to be represented by an emblem, it would undoubtedly be a heart. The spirit of the Maison is first and foremost that of its own beating heart: the Scheufele family. The sense of purpose imparted to its activities and to the future of the company is above all guided by the heart. As of July 2018, 100% of Chopard watches and jewellery will be produced in ethical gold. With its new interpretations of twist bangles and twist rings, Happy Hearts is the very first collection marking the start of this new era, thereby reaffirming and consolidating the enduring nature of its commitments. 

Tender, playful, mischievous, generous, iconic and so very joyful: the heart is the symbol of absolute vitality throbbing at the heart of Chopard creations. It is also a much-loved element in art, culture and fashion, making it an integral part of the modern vibe and the contemporary scene. It adds an irresistibly luminous touch to adornments, ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Its inimitable aura channels a wealth of emotional connotations, unfailingly bringing a ray of light to daily life. The heart is above all about the radiance of happy days, constantly reinvented by Chopard through a playful collection with countless enchanting variations. The Happy Hearts collection comprises new twist bracelets and rings with a decidedly modern structure composing an anthem to lightness.