Chopard continues to lead the watch and jewellery industry with the announcement of a new partnership with PX Précinox SA, the Swiss gold refinery company, to establish the first commercial export route for Fairmined Gold from Bolivia.


This week, thanks to Chopard’s support over the last two years, two more gold mines reached Fairmined certification: one in Bolivia, entitled 15 de Agosto, and the other one named Coodmilla, in Colombia. Chopard has pledged to buy 100% of the Fairmined gold extracted by those mines.

The 15 de Agosto Cooperative,  based high in the magnificent Andes mountain range, at over 4000m above sea level, is one of the largest independent cooperatives in Bolivia counting 198 members, of which 78 are women.


This new development between Chopard and PX Précinox will see the gold exported and refined using the PX Précinox fully segregated ‘track and trace’ processing system. The Fairmined gold’s final destination will be Chopard’s workshops in Geneva, making it fully traceable from mine to product.






Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Co-President of Chopard, said: ‘We chose to partner with PX Précinox because of its deep roots in Switzerland, considerable experience in the refining of precious metals and strong track record in responsible business. Moreover, this family-owned company is sensitive to the ethical demands of the market and encourages respectful environmental practices and traceability of metals”.

Both Chopard and PX Précinox are certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

Whilst Chopard launched the world’s first Fairmined gold watch, PX Précinox has created one of the very first gold segregation systems in Switzerland; a ‘trackand trace’ process, separating Fairmined gold from standard material throughout the refining process.

Karl-Friedrich Scheufele finishes: “I am pleased with this new development in our Journey to Sustainable Luxury. This is the start of a strong partnership showing our commitment to responsible supply chain management working along like-minded partners also engaged in improving our industry in all its aspects”.

Chopard’s High Jewellery creations are made in accordance with The Green Carpet Challenge (GCC) ethical benchmarking and are named the Green Carpet Collection. The L.U.C Tourbillon QF Fairmined is the world’s first watch created from Fairmined gold which was followed by the L.U.C XP Fairmined watch, and the Palme Verte collection of diffusion jewellery in Fairmined gold.

Chopard continues to work on other key raw materials in its supply chain, as well as increasing operational efficiency and maintaining its status as a RJC certified member fully adhering to the RJC Code of Practices.