Cole Haan is teaming up with artists from New York City Ballet for its latest campaign, which debuts the GrandEvølution, GrandMøtion and next generation StudiøGrand collections.

The brand’s new “Extraordinary Comes to Life” campaign features dancers from New York City Ballet – this time adding Resident Choreographer and Soloist, Justin Peck, and Principal Dancer, Amar Ramasar, to the roster of long-time brand collaborators Sara Mearns, Megan Fairchild and Gretchen Smith. The brand partnership continues to emphasize the ballet’s unity of athleticism and artistry, as well as the commitment Cole Haan has to designing elegantly innovative footwear and accessories.

The campaign was lensed by motion photographer Andrew Eccles, bringing to life the dancers’ movements through a unique open-shutter technique. For every image of the Extraordinary Comes to Life campaign, Justin Peck orchestrated a full movement expressing each dancer’s professional identity, while pulling from the language of his own recent choreography.

Peck choreographed each moment to capture the elegance and performance of the new Cole Haan dual-gender GrandEvølution collection, men’s GrandMøtion collection, and women’s StudiøGrand collection. “Every moment in ballet is equally about the moment before and the moment to come. A dancer does not merely kick their leg up or jump. They follow a storyline of movement that includes new heights of physicality and lengths of elegant motion,” says Justin Peck. “These images are about representing that greater story within a single moment.”

Cole Haan


Offering optimal movement, functionality and elegance, Cole Haan’s new GrandMøtion collection for men and StudiøGrand collection for women, are designed to support an active and multifaceted lifestyle, ideal for running from street-to-studio and everywhere in-between.

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