We can’t say picking out the hairstyle for the big day is the most important decision, however, it surely is one of the huge ones. Last year it was all about the tight buns and bohemian flower crowns. This season we’re seeing a lot of loose waves and perfect curls. It all depends on your personal taste and dress, of course.

If you’re more of a carefree, natural, simple bride, we say you go for loose waves thrown back to show off your décolleté. However, if you want to go for a bit more extreme look, then you might want to opt for tight, perfect curls! Choose the curling iron that suits the hairstyle you’re going for. There is always the option of accessorizing with hair pins or crowns.

We will say this too though, as a bride, be very careful opting for slicked back hairstyles for your big day; remember you’ll be showing your grandkids these pictures someday, and no-one wants to explain why grandma’s hair looked greasy because it was a trend back in 2018!