Presenting a modern philosophy with a twist to classic evening wear. The dark tones versus light grey’s create of mood of subtle elegance. A collection curated by Dananeer, is offering a new updated take on nights out.

Above: Corneliani merino wool longsleeved two-tone polo in grey/black paired with Brioni trousers

Passions Arabia Dananeer - 2

Corneliani black velvet evening jacket, with Corneliani merino wool grey turtleneck and Corneliani grey jeans

Elevating everyday denims and sweaters through color combinations. The soft knitwear wools brought by Corneliani and Brioni, have been made for comfort without compromising style. This applies to their denim and pants collection, using fabrics that stretch allowing for a perfect fit. The jacket is the most important part of the look, with choices of fabrics from Satin, Leather, and Wool to fit the occasion.

Passions Arabia Dananeer - 4

Corneliani ID unlined wool and cashmere jacket, Corneliani merino wool long-sleeved two-tone polo in grey/black, paired with Brioni trousers


Passions Arabia Dananeer - 3

Corneliani black leather jacket, paired with Brioni trousers


Passions Arabia Dananeer - 1

Corneliani merino wool black turtleneck, paired with Brioni trousers. Sunglasses and leather belt by Brioni

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