Opening for the first time at the end of January, Dar Shaikha provides the ideal escape from the city in the creation of a pastoral idyll… with a natural health kick too!

Located just about as far south in Kuwait as you can go – right down in the boonies of Wafra – Dar Shaikha is a new farmer’s market / lakeside retreat… 

Set on grounds around a man-made lake, the venture sets out deliver a day’s fun (or a day’s chilling), as well as a venue for some one of the finest curations of epicurean delights in the country. Essential provisions for your store cupboard… including local produce (they have their own glasshouses – so you know everything is farm fresh!) and a bakery.

If you like your food fresh, natural, wholesome and clean, then Dar Shaikha is your go-to when it comes to filling your store cupboard… or simply for taking a day out and escaping the city….

Recognizing two things, a) the best place to buy produce is fresh from the farm and, b) Wafra is a bit of a lengthy drive from Kuwait City and most other urban centers, Dar Shaikha makes itself doubly worth the journey…

Having stocked up on their tasteful delights, you can choose to spend the day lolling around in one of their private (and bookable, it’s essential!) cabanas… and with added enticement of sitting at the water’s edge (in the middle of the desert). 

Time outdoors is always well-spent at Dar Shaikha. Pick the cooler months of the year (right now is the perfect time), and anything from a gentle stroll to a vigorous power-walk will be your heartrate (and appetite!) up… but nothing raises it quite as much as tackling the ascent of the unique ‘Mount Aziz’ – a manmade hillock… perfect for scrambling up in order to secure the best view for miles around.

Picnics and barbecues are very much the order of the day, every day. Or at least on the days Dar Shaikha opens to the publics – currently that’s 9am to 9pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

If you have an interest in the source of your food – and we all should, right? – then Dar Shaikha is the place to go. Farm-to-table is overused marketing-speak in 2020, but in Dar Shaikha’s cases it’s the perfect description… their food court uses products harvested almost a la minute! You really can’t get fresher… and where else are you going to get the opportunity to have watched your lunch grow? Great coffee too!

Want to take a little bit more of Dar Shaikha home with you? They’ve got glasshouses (lots of them) brimming full of beautiful plants and flowers ready for you to load up in the back of your car. Take a tour, and be inspired!

Dar Shaikha is located in Wafra, around 110km from Kuwait City. But you’ll feel a million miles away once you get there. Follow them at @darshaikha to learn more.