Here comes February the 14th, the most loved or sometimes dreaded day of the year! In our opinion, love should be expressed 365 days of the year (you get a free pass on leap years). Oh well, the point is whether you’re spending the day with friends, family, or a special somebody, you still have to decide on what to wear.

Over the years people have been avoiding the color red on Valentine’s Day, whoever wore red would be looked at in a weird way. Well we’re bringing red back! Red roses, red heels, red dresses, but I think we’ll draw the line at red chocolates. Depending on the event, you should dress accordingly. If it’s a casual gathering at home then a cute red jumpsuit with glittery flats are your go to. If you’re planning a fancy dinner then a skin-tight dress all the way! Strappy heels are never a bad idea. If you’re one of those people who are anti-red during Valentine’s then you can opt to rock those Louboutin red nails or Russian Red on your lips to compliment your outfit.

We are definitely all in for love; embrace it, spread it, and celebrate it. Most importantly, never under-estimate the power of “self-love”, the most important style element! This Valentines go ahead and look good, feel good!