We have covered the story of the great French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, also known as Jacquemus in the fashion industry, but it is hard not to revisit his exquisite creations one more time; especially when it comes to his over-the-top lavish straw hats that first walked down the runway of his Spring/Summer 2017 ready-to-wear collection.

Words by Zeina Al Ayoub

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This summer tale was brought to life two years ago when Jacquemus debuted his Summer/Spring collection on the runways of Paris in 2017. The designer used Santons de Provence, traditional nativity figurines as an inspiration for his collection, hence the title of the runway “Les Santons De Provence”. The collection consisted of puffed shoulder shirts, cigarette pants, and finally, the infamous show-stopping straw hats. 

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Jacquemus left us in awe when we first laid eyes on the perfect sun hat that walked down the runway of Les Santons De Provence in the spring of ‘17. The hats were flattened at the top with wide circular brims and little black strings used to secure the hats on the models while they strutted down the summer themed runway.

The designer’s hats were a great hit when they made another appearance in his Spring/Summer collection of 2018, titled “La Bomba” (slightly different from the Le Santons collection), which was inspired by his mother’s glamorous beach style. The brims of the sun hats were draped on one side and folded on the other and come in two sizes: big and BIGGER, where ease of wear comes as a precedent.

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“I don’t think I ever saw my mother more beautiful than on evenings after the beach and probably when she was in love.”

Although his latest runway was set in the season of Fall/Winter 2018/2019, the cold season did not stop the French designer from, once again, bringing back his grand sun hats. What caught our attention was what inspired the theme of the runway:

“Le Souk”, derived from the Arabic term “the market”. The Le Souk collection was inspired by Jacquemus’ quick escapes to Morocco, as a respite after each show. Despite the fact that Fall/Winter was the season of the next runway, he decided to create his latest collection to what seemed to be his favorite season of the year, summer based on the warmth and sunniness of Morocco, hence the rebirth of the now notorious sun hats. 

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The oversized straw hats come in many different colors: black, dark orange, and light beige (natural straw material) and more. The draping on the hats in “Le Souk” is more dramatic than the previous ones from “La Bomba”; the brims dangle down to the middle of the models’ backs and are lightly folded at the front.

Most of his hats have been worn by well-known celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Salonge, Kendall Jenner, and many more. Jacquemus’ acclaimed sun hats also made an appearance in countless magazine covers, and editorial photoshoots, making the hats the most sought-after summer pick.