As we’re nearing spring the weather starts playing tricks on us. You wear 10 layers in the morning and end up taking half of them off by noon. By the end of the week, your entire closet would be emptied out in the trunk of your car. There’s a smart way to deal with this problem. Jackets! How? Well here’s how:

Skirts and trousers are usually set for both seasons except for a few materials. Stick to long-sleeved shirts that are not too heavy and avoid thermals. If you’re wearing a skirt, opt for the light-colored, translucent or opaque tights that have no heat absorbing materials. Your outfit will look complete, but wait, it must be like 10 degrees outside and you’re still cold! Here is where you add a coat or a leather jacket, avoid fur. However, never consider this last layer as part of your outfit as when it gets warmer, you’ll want to keep it aside. Another option that can be easily worn and put in a handbag is a thick scarf!