D’andrea’s main objective – prioritizing a woman’s desire to seek what she really wants, what is important to her, uncomprising; surely in terms of makeup and skincare, as well when it comes to fashion and style, and beyond. This woman is his focus. Fabrizio D’andrea is the Global Art and Creative Director – Essential Professional Makeup, an Italian go-to professional makeup brand, as well as in-charge of product production, writes Rawan Qabazard.

Fabrizio worked 25 years in fashion and style, and has an extensive exposure working with several luxury brands. It was about 23 years ago that he was asked “are you a makeup artist?” and his answer was “no I’m just a painter”, “but you are a makeup artist and you’re perfect for it!” That’s when he started his career in this field.

“I’ve been with Essential Makeup for 5 years, I had a strong desire to bring about productive change in the company with immense potential, I thought of ideas, how to make the brand globally known” Fabrizio tells us. Attaining success was just a matter of time. Fabrizio’s vision and passion rebranded Essential Makeup’s appeal as the ‘affordable luxury makeup brand’. Much thought and care has gone in to create products that are of extremely high quality and cost-effective at the same time.

Cosmetic products that are paraben-free, alcohol-free and dermatologically tested, a testimonial to the brand’s commitment to excellence. The Essential Makeup team, alongside D’andrea himself, visit hospitals several times a year, giving women fighting cancer free makeup classes, teaching them to safely apply Essential Makeup.

His thoughts on makeup are simple, a subtle look is always a winner, “it’s  old-fashioned to have a strong base and a full face” says Fabrizio. Nowadays everyone is opting for the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. Achieving a fresh-looking face, that does not look cakey, while still applying several products. He emphasizes that a good luminous base is a key element. His favorite Essential Makeup product is the tinted Anti-Aging BB Cream with SPF 25. In fact this was the first product that Fabrizio worked on when he joined Essential Makeup. At that time BB cream was marketed specifically targeting a younger audience, while Fabrizio wished to expand its reach to women of all ages.

Seamlessly working in coordination with every department of Essential Makeup, Fabrizio is involved at all levels of research, laboratory as well as marketing.

D’andrea’s Italian roots greatly helped him in broadening his career; language being a crucial component in dealing with clients; not holding back, he is also fluent in English as well as French. He does not shy away from stating that a good command of languages, cultures and general knowledge is very important in this industry, as in everything else.