The magical Eastern nights sparkle with the enchanting lights of the Dubai Mall and the reflections from the Sahara Noir marble that characterizes the facade of the new Dolce & Gabbana boutique. Located on the Fashion Avenue Expansion of the great shopping center, its imposing marble veneer reveals a splendid sheen when the gilded interior panels are illuminated at the setting of the sun.

The boutique, which hosts the Women, Men and Children’s Collections, occupies three floors and is designed by architect Marco Costanzi of MCA Studio, who has interpreted the spirit of Dolce & Gabbana in a unique way, imbuing it with the dream-like atmosphere and warm colors of the Middle East.

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The interiors of the boutique harmoniously combine the marbles and onyx that characterize the floors and walls, alternating with prized damask fabrics in red and gold by Bevilacqua, the historic and prestigious Venetian textile manufacturer. Especially noteworthy is the elegant Sahara Noir marble, whose intense black color is paired with Sequoia Red marble, lending a vibrant touch of red to the ground floor and mezzanine, whereas the grey onyx that dominates the entire first floor is characterized by subtle veining that ranges from white to dark grey.

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