We all dream to be the kings and queens of this social media world yet, of course, very few of us make it. In a nod to the illusion and for their Fall 2017 men’s collection, Dolce & Gabbana sent tween idols, social media glitterati and a smattering of the noble privileged down their catwalk. Beyond the hype, there stood a lavish collection. 

Fashion can only be this much fun if you’re committed to taking it very seriously. 

Light relief, and an alternative form of happy ending.

Back to the hype… the headline figures from the show were the 17.4 million followers of Cameron Dallas (job title: ‘global social media star’) and American singer Austin Mahone’s 9.9 million. American rapper Diggy Simmons could only muster a measly 1.2 million – but as the son of Rev. Run from Run-D.M.C. he pretty much has a free pass to anywhere he wants to go anyway.

Domenico and Stefano know how to play the game – and even prior to the show crowds of followers for this digital elite were gathering outside the venue. Much posting, tagging, reposting and liking would soon ensue.

The daughters of Sly Stallone came along too. Sistine with her 310,000 followers and Sophia with 322,000 made it to the catwalk. The youngest, Scarlet, with her 155,000 was confined to view from the seats – front row though, so not too shabby.

All were dwarfed by the arrival of XueDong Chen with his 24.5 million followers. Weibo followers though – although we’re not sure what the current conversion rate is, we reckon he’s safely rated super-stellar and we currently have 0 followers on Weibo, so, who are we to judge?

When it began, the show was nothing short of a baronial fiesta.  A sweeping staircase, towering candelabra and more lavish embroidery than was healthy for any of these young stars to be exposed to.

Standard D&G motifs appeared – uber-tailored three-piece suits, silk pyjamas, distressed and / or gilded sportswear. At one point the designers planted gold crowns on the heads of the pretty boys just to force home the social-royalty thread a little further.

In the end, what did we have? Light relief, and an alternative form of happy ending. A whole lot of fun, and a masterful demonstration by our two most favourite Milanese designers. Fashion can only be this much fun if you’re committed to taking it very seriously.

Cameron Dallas


Christian Benedek