Blending notes of Oriental perfumery with the finest Italian ingredients, Dolce&Gabbana Velvet Collection celebrates the unique history of Arab Sicily with a new selection of oriental blends. The journey began with Tender Oud and Desert Oud. It continued with Amber Skin and Amber Sun. Today, with Velvet Incenso the collection offers a modern interpretation of the most ancient and mystical ingredient of perfumery: incense. 

A dark, mysterious veil fluttering over honey-hued stones in the Mediterranean light. Fragrant smoke blending with the plumes rising from the majestic Mount Etna. For centuries, volutes of burning incense have risen from the palaces of Sicily. In Velvet Incenso, the perfumers Cécile Matton and Julie Massé turn the complex facets of the age-old ingredient, also known as olibanum, into a glittering mosaic of sizzling resins. 

Vibrant incense essence is set alight by a spark of black pepper essence, obtained from a cutting-edge extraction that preserves the aroma of a freshly crunched peppercorn. With its citrus and pepper facets, elemi essence echoes these opening notes, its resinous burn introducing the darker heart of the fragrance.