Dr. Reza Nabavian, the Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Royale Hayat Hospital, is highly respected for his professional skills and expertise in the field. A brief sit down with Dr. Reza educates us that his academic life went from studying electrical engineering to study General Surgery, and then Plastic Surgery. He is also a Consultant at his practice in Santa Monica, California.

Dr. Reza is also the Director of Plastic Surgery Training at the University of Southern California. “One of the constant things in my life is movement and travel. I was born in the Middle East and spent a lot of time at a young age in the U.K. and Italy, and then as a teenager I moved to the U.S., and gladly movement continues to be a part of my life.”

Describe your academic and career journeys.

In the U.S., I started studying electrical engineering in college; while working on the research projects, we worked on laser systems to scan the human body, and I became fascinated with it, so I decided to pursue medicine going forward. As a child, I excelled at art and sculpting. Putting it all together, my background in engineering majorly assisted me in plastic surgery, because I see things three-dimensionally. When I completed my education in plastic surgery in LA, USC, I opened a private practice but also stayed on as a Professor at USC, fulfilling my desire and interest in teaching and research. So, I’ve been able to maintain that balance in my life. I have been coming back and forth to Kuwait since 2011.

What are the latest procedures here at Royale Hayat Hospital?

A lot of the new procedures involve contouring. 10-15 years ago, it was just liposuction and tummy tucks for excess fat and skin. The focus in recent years has been more about shaping the body.

What is the most popular procedure, and why do you think that is the reason?

The lipo-plastic contouring, which is removing fat and using it to enhance the breasts, buttocks, sometimes face and hands. The fat has become a revolutionary tool in plastic surgery. Fat transfer can be safer than fillers.

People are always looking for less-invasive ways to enhance their beauty. How is that possible at Royale Hayat?

We have the latest technology in skincare, and we have very qualified dermatologists and aestheticians who can provide these services. There is a range of treatments, injections, PRP, peeling, etc. that would enhance skin quality.

What are your tips for our readers after the sun-heavy summer vacation?

The first thing is to always use sunblock, and also to moisturize your skin. If someone is deeply tanned, then they have to consult their aesthetician on what they can do to hydrate the skin. Also, avoid prolonged sun exposure.

Can sun damage be reversed? What are the precautions and solutions?

Using lasers and chemical peels, some types of sun damage can be reversed but not always, so be careful and use plenty of SPF.