Style is as unique as it is intangible. Some people have it, others simply don’t. Whilst it’s an innate skill for many, others have to work hard to attain it. Cosmetic and reconstructive dentist Dr. Wael Abul is amongst those blessed to fall in to the former category. An extraordinarily well-dressed man, he’s someone who puts style before fashion – and we like that. Here we learn about his relationship with style, his inspirations, where we should be thinking of spending our money – and the importance of highly polished shoes.

What’s the key to having effortless style? Some guys we know just “have it” and always seem to pull together great looks with minimal effort, but other always feel contrived. What’s the secret? The key is to think young and be playful. Have fun; never trap yourself in a look that you can’t get yourself out of. We all have the basic pieces in our wardrobe – but never rely only on those basics otherwise you’re always going to look washed out. Keep people guessing about what are you going to show up wearing next. You make the look; the look should never make you. Your style, your spirit should always be present whether you are wearing a tuxedo or on the beach in a swimsuit.

Wael Abul

Jacket: Alexander McQueen MCQ

Where do you turn to for inspiration? Which magazines and websites do you feel most represent your tastes and style? I love world culture, and it is interesting to see how people translate fashion and style around the globe. I keep my eyes open and always try to discover my own trend for the season and then add it to my collection. The best place to start is by following the fashion shows of designers you like, and the best way to do that is through the Vogue runway app.

Are you comfortable only with big name brands, or always looking for the next new hot label? I am always looking for the story behind the label. I like to invest in the person behind the brand who is changing the label. A perfect example is what Tom Ford did for Gucci in the 90s, and then Alessandro Michelle who transformed the brand again in 2015. I think that’s what makes a label hot.

Wael Abul

Jacket and vest: Haider Ackerman; Pants: Lanvin

What is the one garment always worth paying top-dollar for? What’s the piece that’s going to make or break a look? Jackets, jackets, jackets – and in all shapes and forms. I find it ridiculous to pay top-dollar for a t-shirt with an iron-on cartoon or picture – but a jacket takes a lot of skill to construct and to tailor. Another very important piece to complete every man’s look is his shoes. Remember to dress from head to toe – always think of the toe shape of the shoes and what pants to wear with it. 

What are your thoughts on the region’s males and their approach to dressing with style? Getting it right? That’s a tough one. I believe that the region’s men are breaking out of the traditional mould even when they are dressed in traditional attire. They’re creating a form of colourful expressionism. 

Wael Abul

Jacket: Marc Jacobs; Vest: Haider Ackerman; Pants: Lanvin; Shoes: Balmain

Style is more than sartorial. Through which other elements of your life do you feel able to express your style signature? Traveling enables me to be creative. This begins with packing my suitcase and carries on through to the events on my agenda. It adds a new dimension of glamour and tolerance.  Conservatism diminishes with exposure to different destinations – and this way I can push my imagination further.

Wael Abul

Jacket: Maison Martin Margiela; Vest: Issey Miyake; Pants: Lanvin

An extraordinarily well-dressed man, Dr. Wael Abul always puts style ahead of fashion. Follow him @waelabul

Five Questions with Wael Abul

How do you define today’s man of consummate style? I think the world is effectively getting smaller – all men are more into grooming and style. I think simply being ‘neat’ is one way to sum everything up. 

Pochette or no pochette? Good luck fitting your keys, phone and wallet in your pockets! If you could then there would be no need for a pochette. Pochettes are handy and functional, just don’t confuse them with toiletry bags.

Wide or skinny lapels? Skinny or shawl lapels, never wide unless it’s a classic fit suit and accompanied by the right size and design of dress shirt collar.

Other than at a black-tie dinner, when was the last time you wore a tie? I believe in neckwear, but not necessarily always a classic tie. It’s been a while since I wore a classic tie.

What is people’s biggest style error? They forget that style is not to simply buy the full outfit as it is displayed on the mannequin. Have your own style but respect your silhouette – fit is very important. And always make sure your shoes are polished.

Photographer: Mohammad Aldamkhi (@dm5y_)