A diverse 6-day programme of exhibitions, installations, talks, educational workshops and more allowed visitors the opportunity to discover and engage with design. The free-to-attend programme served as a rich introduction to the design scene in the UAE, and built on the many events and exhibitions happening throughout the week and beyond.

Whether you are a design aficionado, seasoned professional, or simply design curious, there is something for everyone this Dubai Design Week; from free to attend exhibitions, hands-on adult and children’s workshops, to talks by leading industry professionals. For the design-inclined interested in coveting unique design pieces, Downtown Design and the Super Design Market brings the best names in design.

Here’s a few of our highlights.

Fadi Sarieddine | FSDS Open Studio (top) During Dubai Design Week, Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio’s opened their doors, welcoming visitors into the office to interact with the studio’s latest designs and creations.

Passions Arabia Dubai Design Week - 4

DRAK | Industry to Luxury – Four UAE based designers from three design disciples: product design, designer jewellery and photography took part in the drive towards a new definition for ‘Luxury’ by focusing on ‘industrial’ mass-produced materials, in this exhibition. Works by Ammar Al Attar, Ayah Al Bitar, Farah Nasri and Omar Nakkash.

Passions Arabia Dubai Design Week - 1

Mirzam Chocolate | Designed by Hind X Mirzam & Sheikha Wafa Hasher Al Maktoum X Mirzam – For their second participation in Dubai Design Week, the chocolate makers again worked with multimedia artist and photographer Sheikha Wafa Hasher Al Maktoum, to create a limited edition chocolate bar and wrapper for Dubai Design Week 2017.

Passions Arabia Dubai Design Week - 3

Engine|Service Design | Service Design: The Next Wave of Evolution for Dubai – Presented by James Samperi, Managing Director of Engine|Service Design, this talk focused on bringing to life the principles and practice of Service Design through Engine’s work with its clients. How designing services means helping organisations deliver genuine customer happiness. It shared with attendees how to progress from a compelling service vision for their business, their employees and for their customers to designing compelling multi-channel services more holistically.

Killa Design | Dubai SuperSEEDed  In addition to welcoming visitors to explore Killa Design’s space, the Studio showcased a photography exhibition exploring Dubai’s architecture through the eyes of Killa Design architects, titled ‘Dubai SuperSEEDed’. Super-seed is first and foremost an analysis of Dubai’s urban fabric. As any other phenomenon subject to an evolutionary process, the city grows by leaving behind some parts which are not fully developed as their surrounding components, non-places which are unrefined fragments of the urban fabric, embryonic territories not yet grown into City. At the same time there are other spots which coexist in the same city. These areas are often overly saturated and exploited and their constant necessity of being utilized makes impossible to think an alternative development for them. Both cases, despite being completely different, are acting as barriers within the city, they are sort of virtual walls which preclude the city from having an organic and completely developed urban fabric. Because of these areas the city becomes a collection of many individualities as opposed as a unique living organism. Super-seed’s analysis is concentrating on identifying these areas and, through a pragmatic yet utopian design approach, proposing new entities, new formations, inceptions for new ramifications of the existent. The aim of the exhibition was not to be exhaustive of providing all the opportunities in which a particular place can be developed into, but to initiate discussions about the possibility of superseding the existent with a better reality and plant seeds for a new alternative Dubai. In this new vision, the city will not only be a place where people move from a point A to a point B, but an entity to go through, where movement is not a necessity but a choice for new urban experiences.