The tradition of the ‘visiting tailor’ is a quintessentially English one. Every six months a dunhill master-tailor calls in on Kuwait, bringing with him some of the world’s most luxurious cloths – Super 170s and Super 200s, all boasting some of the most finely spun yarn possible – and hosts the city’s style-savvy gentlemen for whom he will create a piece of clothing designed solely to the individual’s unique specifications. MEN’S PASSION had the pleasure of accompanying one such gentleman, Dr. Yaqub Taqi – a man of refinement, culture and a dunhill aficionado – on his unique sartorial journey. 

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“When I walk into the dunhill boutique, I immediately feel at home. Everybody knows me by name, and they know my taste. It is truly what one calls a personalized service”.

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Committed to providing an exceptional experience as well as the highest craftsmanship in tailoring, clients are invited to join the master tailor in a cozy living-room-style suite in the JW Marriott – above the dunhill boutique. Here, they can go through the Made to Measure journey in an exclusive, quiet environment.

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“Getting to know your client, his personality, likes and dislikes, is an integral part of the process”, says Russell Hindmarch. “While every season dunhill offers a wide variety of fabrics, colors and patterns, I can always predict which fabric my client will choose”.

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Having known Dr Yaqub for many years, choosing the fabric together now is more of an affermation of how well we now know one another”.

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A jacket will use some one hundred and eighty separate pieces in its construction and a suit will undergo two hundred operations by skilled artisans. “Each suit has to be carefully measured for the perfect fit. Attention to details is indeed a British speciality of ours”.

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Dr. Yaqub is also picking up the suit that he was measured for on Russell’s last visit 6 months ago, and today he has ordered a number of new ones. “A happy customer indeed!”, he smiles.

Available in Kuwait at the dunhill boutique, Salhia Complex. (tel. 224 98 611)