There’s a lot of fake news, misinformation and lies swirling around us concerning the coronavirus COVID-19 right now. It’s important to have trusted professionals to turn to at a time like this. One of our key sources when it comes to learning facts and dispelling myths is health and nutrition guru, top Lebanese food consultant and medical and weight loss dietician Mira Khattar. Today, Mira looks at a much-touted quick-fix against the virus…  

Do vitamin pills protect you from the coronavirus? No. It’s much better to get all the nutrients you need (Vitamin A and E) for a strong immune system from a balanced diet, with a couple of exceptions. For instance, folic acid is highly recommended for pregnant women, but people who consider themselves healthy do not need any form of supplements.

While a lot of people are taking megadoses of Vitamin C to prevent the flu-like symptoms, there is no evidence to back this up (extra vitamin C doses are excreted in the urine, as it is a water soluble vitamin), so Just have it through fresh fruits; three high vitamin C fruits daily are considered enough.

Last but not least, relax and get more sleep. Sleep is important for your immune system. Research shows that sleep-deprived and stressed people can have suppressed immunity, meaning that they’re more at risk of catching viruses.

Stay safe, eat well and let’s hope that the current situation will be solved shortly!

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