1216320_WaveLady_Steel&Gold 35 mm(Pre-Basel)

Winter is a season of contrasts and opposites – of crisp frozen mornings, silver frost carpeting fields, and the low mellow sun rising just enough to highlight the crystallized dew sparkling like diamonds. Your breath comes out in puffs of frozen cloud in the cold clear air. The biting frozen temperature lures you back inside to the cozy warmth, the fierce golden glow of a fire roaring in the log burner giving you rosy cheeks. The aroma from the oven wafting warming scents of cinnamon and clove around your home.

Both EBEL Wave Grande watches perfectly encapsulate the duality of the winter season. The diametrically opposed elements, the light and dark, the cold and warmth, blended by nature, create harmonious partnerships. These watches of absolute contrast are also perfect partners. One calm, one lively, both boldly feminine with oversized 35mm stainless steel cases, each housing a fine Quartz Ronda 773 movement, and set with a glittering array of 72 diamonds. Each dial is further complemented by the applied EBEL symbol at 12 o’clock, and 8 more diamonds. These precious stones perfectly reflect the twinkling snow and frost. The stainless steel classic signature wave bracelets are interspersed with red gold PVD treatment. But the clearest contrast is in the color of the dials, one pure galvanic silver, suggesting the bright pure elements of snow, the other a cool galvanic grey, evoking low silvery clouds in the sky, both capturing the essence of winter. The warmth of the red gold in the bracelet cleverly and sympathetically provides a visual counterpoint to the cool dial.

Both of these EBEL Wave Grande watches reflect the season, but may be worn for many seasons to come.