Ebrahim Al Qassab – Managing Director at State Media, OTB Creative Concepts; founder of FA Gallery and The Hub.

Well known for his creativity and innate style, Ebrahim will return in Men’s Passion in his role as Guest Editor for our annual Style Edition in September.

How are you spending the summer?

In an attempt, trying to avoid the busy high season, I usually divide my summer travel into two parts; the first beginning from May and again then of September. For the rest of the season I try to enjoy Kuwait by exploring and developing new concepts at work – it’s quiet period and a great time to organise things and be ready for a heavier workload from the end of September. I also arrange family gatherings and reconnect with friends who are in town.

Who would be your ideal travel companion (real or fictional, dead or alive)?

I usually travel with friends who have same interests.

Will you share your summer experiences on social media?

I love to share. My favourite media are Instagram and Facebook.

What’s on your summer reading list?

I usually choose my book before traveling and am attracted to light and inspirational reading. Last summer I had ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma with me.

Do you try to keep up with the news when you’re on holiday?

I never do that.

Are holiday selfies ever acceptable?

I do that occasionally, and only when it explains more about where am I and who I am with.

What will be your soundtrack to summer 2017?

I am more of mood-oriented person, so the Soundcloud app is always open. I go for long vocal mixes with DJ-infused themes, nothing hard.

If you could go to any place at any time, where would you go and why?

It should be a busy cosmopolitan city that offers lots of choices. Short weekends are my favourite quick regular breaks. The city has to offer a lot of culture and art.

If you had one top travel tip, what would it be?

Avoid staying at 5 star big hotels – look for luxury boutique and themed hotels that offer more personal service (these hotels need planning ahead as they have limited rooms), and never fall short on the food experiences – do your homework and book at Michelin-starred restaurants.