Celebrations and festive occasions are a perfect time to glam up and bring out that red lip. We’ve got only a few days left till its Eid, everyone is busy, and we can barely put a sheet mask on. So many products so little time! With so many to try, we’ve narrowed it down to a few for your perfect Eid look.

First, moisturize and apply sunscreen as most of us will be out really early in the morning. A good primer is a must to make sure your makeup lasts all day. After applying the primer, go for a good long lasting moisturizing foundation and a creamy concealer, avoid cakey formulas as it’s hot outside. For your lids, apply a creamy or powder shadow, something light and sparkly on the lids, and a darker color on the crease. After a bit of bronzing up the face and fixing the brows comes our favorite part… highlighter! Highlight the high points of your face with liquid highlighter, and then set it with a powder one. Spray on setting spray, keep spraying until you feel drowned in it (not kidding). Then apply your lashes or mascara depending on which you would like to go for.

Oh wait, our red lip! Apply your lip liner properly to avoid incidents during the day where your lipsticks reach your chin while you’re trying to bite on that donut (true story). Add your perfect red lipstick and spray your face one more time with that setting spray, you’re good to go!