Thinking of escaping Kuwait while offices close and the nation celebrates in the last week of February? Take some inspiration from our list of five top things to do in the world’s other great cities later this month! Follow our lead, and let us take you off the beaten track…

Go to LONDON for ART… You already know London is home to some of the world’s finest galleries and jaw-dropping collections… but how about something with a little edge this time?

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At Kingly Street’s Sadie Coles HQ, Jordan Wolfson presents a new installation consisting of multiple HYPERVSN 3D holographic displays. In ARTISTS FRIENDS RACISTS, Wolfson continues to probe American culture and contemporary life through an eponymously titled work which utilizes cutting-edge holographic display technology. Rapidly spinning fans have micro LEDs embedded in their blades, and these illuminate in a precise manner to create the illusion of imagery floating in space. The devices have primarily been marketed for commercial use – as a means of luring consumers and presenting brands and products in a visually dynamic and novel way.

Go to TOKYO to EAT… For 2020, Tokyo hosts 226 restaurants with Michelin stars, more than any other city in the world, and includes one new three-star restaurant, three new two-star restaurants, and 20 new restaurants with one star.

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Among the new two-star restaurants, kaiseki restaurant Ginza Shinohara is the only selection serving traditional Japanese cuisine. Inua, the Scandinavian-inflected tasting menu from Thomas Frebel (ex-Noma) joins the city’s Noma with two stars. Prisma, the only Italian restaurant in Tokyo with two Michelin stars, rounds out the new additions to the category. Our pick? Inua (above).

Go to EUROPE for the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE... You have your pick of destinations here. The second wave of last-16 first-leg fixtures could have you booking your flight for Italy, England, Spain or France.

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25 February: Napoli vs. Barcelona; Chelsea vs. Bayern Munich

26 February: Real Madrid vs. Manchester City; Lyon vs. Juventus

Go to PARIS for FASHION… And be part of Paris Fashion Week. Running from 24th February through to 4th March, PFW effectively wraps up the series of global fashion weeks.

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Following on the heels of New York, London, and Milan, for us it’s the highlight of the women’s style season. Expect much from the likes of Christian Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Alexander McQueen. Snagging tickets for the shows is no easy task… but act like a fashionista and rub shoulders with the trade’s biggest names by eating at La Guingette d’Angèle or L’Entente. And, don’t forget, during PFW, the whole city is a catwalk!

Go to INDIA for YOGA… Shut yourself away from it all in Rishikesh, India, with a 7 day intensive retreat from 22 – 28 February which guides aspirants to reveal the deeper layers of the mind and cultivate a harmonious lifestyle.

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The course explores the concept of Yoga-Nidra in detail at theoretical and practical levels. This is designed to assist students of yoga to understand and experience the deeper layers of their personality and practice. The course mainly includes breathing practices, tension and relaxation practices of Yoga Nidra. You will be guided through knowledge of Yoga-Nidra practice and then be guided to the advanced practices of Yoga-Nidra. More at