Vacheron Constantin, foundation partner of the Gulf Concours since its inauguration in 2016, is welcoming discerning collectors and owners of the world’s finest and rarest cars. The oldest watchmaking manufacture in the world celebrates the mutual passion for mechanical excellence and exclusive aesthetics that is required to create work of art in high watchmaking and automotive engineering. 

Vacheron Constantin is a Maison of connoisseurs, built on an uninterrupted history going back to 1755 and devoted to watchmaking excellence, tradition and innovation. Thanks to Les Cabinotiers department, Vacheron Constantin has been creating unique timepieces conceived by master-watchmakers constantly pushing the limits of excellence. Additionally, they have been commissioned by collectors and watch experts.

Vacheron Constantin presents exceptional unique watches at the 2017 Gulf Concours, such as Les Cabinotiers Celestia Astronomical Grand Complication 3600, a unique piece combining astronomy and watchmaking art, awarded by the Mechanical Exception Watch Prize at the 2017 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. 23 essentially astronomical complications appear on the front and back dials of the watch, providing a reading of time in three modes – civil, solar and sidereal – each driven by its own gear train. Embodying the height of technical sophistication, its new fully integrated 514-part caliber measures a mere 8.7 mm thick, while six barrels guarantee three full weeks of autonomy.

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“There is a great synergy between the worlds of high horology and luxury automobiles. Each equally has the capacity to stir the passions of experts and connoisseurs”, says Alexander Schmiedt, regional director Vacheron Constantin Middle East and Subcontinent.

Each Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers creation is driven by an experienced, multi-disciplinary team composed of designers, mechanical engineers, micromechanical engineers and master- watchmakers. Together, they transpose bold watchmaking feats into cutting-edge technologies, with the only imposed limits being a determination to remain true to the values of the Maison. Les Cabinotiers also relies on the unique artistic and craftsmanship know-how. The Master guillocheurs, enamellers, engravers and gem setters of the Maison are some of the last remaining artisans who still master the intricacies of their professions and perpetuate an age-old heritage mingling intuition with expertise.

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